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I’m Mr. Vishnu Prasad M V, popularly known as Prasad Vattapparamb, a certified Master Trainer and proud recipient of various prestigious awards in the field. My expertise spans a wide range of training processes, including Career Building, Induction, Faculty Enhancement, Skill Development, Parenting, Teacher Equipping, Capacity Building, Kid’s Camp, and Wellness Workshops.

With a background in psychological counseling, I seamlessly integrate my knowledge into my HR role, where I actively participate in end-to-end recruitment processes. From sourcing and screening to interviewing, documentation, offer, and onboarding, I bring a holistic approach to the hiring process.

Having conducted numerous successful workshops across Kerala, I am passionate about contributing to the holistic development and well-being of individuals. My commitment to excellence has been recognized through awards such as the Trainer’s Excellence Award 2019-20 by NaITER, Best Youth Volunteer for the year 2018-19 by Yogakshemasabha, Yuva Sreshta Puraskaram 2023 by Yogakshemasabha Yuvajanasabha, and the NaITER Trainers Pinnacle Excellence Award 2023.

Based in Kerala, I take pride in being an active member of the training community, consistently pushing the boundaries to create impactful learning experiences. Join me on a journey where expertise meets excellence, and together, let’s empower individuals and organizations through transformative training.


Master Trainer and Head | Team INSPIRE
Career Training, Soft Skills Training, Life Skills Training, Campus to Corporate Training, HR Training, Attitude and Behavior Training, Aptitude Test Training, Induction Programs, Finishing Schools, Employee Wellness Programs, Employee Empowerment Programs etc.

Secretary and Trainer | NaITER
Prepare and Implement Training Programs, Kid’s Camps, Wellness Workshops, Empowerment Programs, Career Training, Employee Training etc

Happiness Trainer | Positive Commune
Career Training, Soft Skills Training, Life Skills Training, Wellness Programs, and Happiness Programs. These initiatives are designed to create a positive and enriching environment for individuals to thrive personally and professionally.

Psychological Counsellor and Trainer | VaCCT
Delivering impactful Psychological Counselling and Training Programs. This role allows me to contribute to the mental well-being of individuals through personalized counseling and skill-building sessions.

Resource Person | KIED
Entrepreneurship Development Training, sharing insights and expertise to foster the growth of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Resource Person | Revertech IT Solutions Private Limited
Specializing in Soft Skills Training, Campus to Corporate Training, Career Training, and Placement Training. This partnership reflects my commitment to bridging the gap between academic knowledge and practical skills in the IT industry.


Co-Author: “A Handbook of Training Contents – 19 Training Session Contents 2023” (English)
Dive into the world of comprehensive training with the co-authored “A Handbook of Training Contents.” This book, featuring 19 meticulously crafted training session contents, serves as an invaluable resource for trainers and educators in 2023.

Co-Author: “Ithu Shooppara- Aynu” Youth Jargons Dictionary 2023 (Malayalam)
Embark on a linguistic journey with the co-authored “Ithu Shooppara- Aynu,” a Youth Jargons Dictionary in Malayalam for the year 2023. This engaging and vibrant dictionary captures the essence of contemporary youth culture, providing an insightful glimpse into the evolving language landscape.

Co-Author: “Kaliyil Alpam Kaaryam” A Handbook of Activities and Games for Trainers 2022 (Malayalam)
Unleash the power of experiential learning with the co-authored “Kaliyil Alpam Kaaryam.” This Malayalam handbook is a treasure trove of activities and games designed specifically for trainers. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting in the field, this handbook offers a diverse collection of engaging activities to enhance your training sessions.

Co-Author: “Facilitating Minds”
“Facilitating Minds” stands as a collaborative masterpiece, co-authored to serve as an invaluable guide for trainers and facilitators. This book is crafted for those who aspire to master the art of delivering updated and authentic content. With a focus on facilitation techniques, this guide goes beyond the basics, offering insights into the nuances of engaging and empowering minds.

NaITER Sreshta Parisheelak Puraskar 2023
Issued by National Institute for Training and Educational Research for the contribution in the field of training.

NaITER Trainers Pinnacle Excellence Award 2023
Issued by National Institute for Training and Educational Research after state level competition among NaITER Trainers.

Yuva Sreshta Puraskar 2023
Issued by Yogakshemasabha State Yuvajanasabha considering the excellence and expertise in the field of Training.

Presentation Excellence Award 2023
By NaITER on the basis of merit and marks of the youth who have participated in the Youth Empowerment Training Program.

Trainers Excellence Award 2019-20
Jointly Organized by National Institute for Training and Educational Research- NaITER and Rotary Club of Kazhakuttom.

Best Youth Volunteer Award 2018-19
By Yogakshemasabha



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