Prasad Vattapparamb



Personal Counselling

Navigate life’s challenges with our expert Personal Counselling services, providing a confidential and supportive space to enhance your mental well-being and personal growth.

Digital Marketing

Master the art of Digital Marketing with our comprehensive training, covering SEO, SEM, social media, and analytics to empower businesses and individuals in the online realm.

Trainer’s Training

Empower individuals to become effective trainers through our comprehensive Trainer’s Training courses, covering instructional design and facilitation skills.

Leadership Skill

Unlock your leadership potential through our Leadership Skills training, equipping individuals with the essential tools and mindset to lead with confidence and impact.

Youth Leadership

Nurture the leaders of tomorrow with our Youth Leadership programs, designed to cultivate essential skills and qualities needed for impactful leadership in the youth.

Exam Preparation

Excel in exams with our targeted Exam Preparation courses, equipping individuals with effective study strategies and stress management techniques.

Life Skills

Empower individuals with essential Life Skills, including decision-making, communication, and problem-solving, crucial for personal and professional success.

Political Leadership

Equip aspiring political leaders with the skills and knowledge required for effective governance through our Political Leadership programs.

Teacher’s Training

Enhance teaching proficiency with our Teacher’s Training programs, catering to various levels of expertise and promoting effective pedagogical techniques.

Wellness Workshop

Promote holistic well-being with our Wellness Workshops, catering to various age groups and addressing physical, mental, and emotional health.

Kid’s Camp

Foster independence and confidence in children through our engaging Kid’s Camps, combining fun activities with skill-building exercises.

Entrepreneur Skills

Cultivate entrepreneurial acumen with our Entrepreneur Skills training, providing the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the business world.



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