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Thumbappoov 7.0: A Summer of Growth and Adventure

Thumbappoov 7.0: A Summer of Growth and Adventure

Another summer of laughter and cherished memories drew to a close with the conclusion of Thumbappoov 7.0, the residential kids’ summer vacation camp organized by Yogakshemasabha Attingal Upasabha and Sree Sankara Trust. It marked the successful culmination of yet another edition, with me once again taking on the role of coordinator for the seventh consecutive year. What began modestly in 2016 with 29 participants from the Attingal Upasabha area has now blossomed to include children from various parts of Kerala, a testament to its growing popularity. This year, we were fortunate to have academic support from NaITER.

The camp was packed with engaging activities, each designed to foster personal growth and development. From sessions on relationships and family dynamics to life and survival skills, there was something for everyone. Among the highlights were the transformative journey of self-discovery, quiz trivia, and understanding the nuances of family dynamics through relationship management activities.

Participants also enjoyed a diverse range of activities, including face painting and music fusion, leadership training, art jamming, and survival challenges. Not to mention the excitement of escape rooms, talent shows, and treasure hunts. The evenings were filled with camaraderie around the campfire, while days were spent exploring nature through scavenger hunts and enjoying creative pursuits like cartooning and street plays.

Guiding us through this enriching experience was Mr. Sujith Edwin Pereira, whose leadership ensured the camp’s smooth operation. We were honored by the presence of Sri Rahul Eswar, whose involvement added a special touch to the proceedings, making Thumbappoov 7.0 a truly unforgettable experience for all involved.

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